Monday, 3 March 2014

Moelwyn Mawr and Allt Mawr, Saturday

On Saturday, I guided walking friend Craig around Moelwyn Mawr and Allt Mawr.

The Met office forecast predicted heavy snow and black clouds after 9am. Amidst these warnings, and aware that Craig is in rehabilitation after a knee operation, I planned a route that would a) avoid steep, avalanche prone slopes, and b) not be too hard on the knees. This meant choosing a route based on widely-spaced contour lines.

In the end, we had a couple of flurries of snow interspersed with broken cloud and spells of glorious sunshine. The weather threatens to be colder overnight, but I still don't think that there'll be significant snowfall in the area. And we picked off Moel Druman, Allt Mawr and Moelwyn Mawr Hewitts without any ado.

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